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Research groups

Research Group - Angiogenesis and Inflammation

Prof. Michael Stürzl, PhD

with Jisheng Chen, MD, Richard Demmler, M.Sc.,Tobias Gass, Yanmin Lyu, MD, Mariam Mohamed Abdou, M.Sc., Katja Petter, Christina Schnürer, Chiara Van Passen, M.Sc., Luisa Weiss, MD, Yongsong Yong, MD.

Research Group – Vascular Plasticity

Prof. Elisabeth Naschberger, PhD

with Christian Flierl, MTA, Qi Fang, MD, Jisheng Chen, MD, Bisan Zohud, M.Sc., Jinghao Huang, MD, and Anne Jacobsen, MD.

Research Group - Angiogenesis in Infectious Disease

Prof. Michael Stürzl, PhD

with Andreas Bohrer, Dominika Gaus, M. Sc. and Vinay Murtadak, M. Sc.